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Dr. Shivani Chaturvedi (M.D.)

With an experience of almost 20 years,  Dr. Shivani  is one of the most popular gynaecologists  of Agra region. Her work is her passion which reflects in her practice.
She believes “Female Health is not just about freedom from disease but a complete sense of physical and mental well being.”
This reflects in her approach to the patient as well. Her success mantra is special emphasis on meticulous diagnosis and holistic approach to treatment.
The center combines medical skill, state of the art technology with compassion and personalized care. It’s  no surprise that it is a hugely successful practice.
Dr. Shivani  holds expertise in laproscopic surgery and high risk obstetrics.
She is a proud member of prestigious medical associations and is the recipient of several awards and distinctions.

Super Specialities


Conducting natural deliveries over 19 years. The patient can opt for painless labour which will be conducted in a safe environment. We feel that a pregnant lady is not a patient, pregnancy is not a disease. Our aim is to ensure that the pregnancy and delivery process stay as happy memories.


Also known as minimally invasive surgery, it is performed routinely by a skilled laproscopy team. Whether it is total laproscopic hysterectomy or removal of tumour or endometriosis, we are committed to give good results. Patient undergoing laproscopic surgery has a hospital stay of one day only.


Our effort is to ensure that the joy of child birth does not become a life threatening complication. We routinely handle pregnancy with hypertension, diabetes, liver disease, heart disease and other problems. .


It refers to surgical correction for improvement of private parts and genital organs. Common surgeries include vaginal tightening and rejuvenation, hymen repair and anti- aging procedures for external genitals.

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Our Story

Our objective  is to give focused consideration to women through each phase of their life i.e., adolescence,  puberty, reproductive years ,menopause and post menopausal years. We are glad to have a team that focuses on the individual needs and comfort of our patients. Our super-specialty center takes pride in  providing premium quality care in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

At the center, we believe that weight ,hair , skin , wellness etc. are linked to women’s  health and hormones. Thus, each patient is treated holistically.

We are exceptionally thankful to our patients who endow us with their trust , year after year.

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