Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is needed for reducing the size, for increasing the size, and for changing the appearance of the breast. Every woman is beautiful in its own way and every woman deserves their desired look; our experienced doctor will help in every way possible. Breast surgery is divided into three categories: augmentation, reduction, and reconstruction.

  • Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is performed to enhance the size, appearance, and outline the women’s breasts. Some women feel their breast sizes are small, some women feel that after pregnancy and during lactation their breast sizes are too large, and others desired to correct an asymmetry in breast size.

It is a straightforward procedure but some risks are associated with breast augmentation surgery. After knowing your concern and reviewing the benefits and risks, we will start your treatment with full care and concern.

  • Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is known as mammoplasty. The excess skin, fat and glandular tissue is removed in this procedure. The excess weight of the breasts can cause back pain, irritation, neck pain, numbness or weakness and bra strap indentation. Large, heavy and pendulous breasts will make you feel uncomfortable but with this type of surgery will give a new shape and confidence about your body type

The surgery will come to some side effects which includes pain, lumpiness from scar tissue and incapable to feed babies. After breast reduction, women feel some improvement in their breast appearance the volume and contour.

  • Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction recreates breasts appearance, volume, and contour. The nipple-areola component is recreated. Breast sensation and ability to feed is lost when the sensory nerves or milk glands or ducts have been removed or injured. A breast is also recreated with women’s own tissue. The implant is matched with the opposite breast. There are some other tissue options for autologous reconstruction including back muscle and skin or a segment of the buttock.

  • Breast lifts

In some cases, the skin of a woman is not that strong to support the weight of the breast, this causes breast sagging. The condition called ptosis, in which the breast skin is too much compared to breast tissue. Excess skin is removed to lift the breast, this procedure is known as mastopexy.