Teenage Clinics

Teenage clinics are special health clinics only for teens. We keep your information confidential. We provide medical and counseling services to the teens. We provide STD and HIV/AIDS education and screening, primary healthcare, and case management services to teens. The doctor will examine the teen patients for the abnormalities if any. Dr. Shivani is the best gynaecologist specialist and she will always make sure that her patients will feel comfortable. She individual counseling and therapy for adolescent health-related issues and mood disorders such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety. During the visit, the doctor will provide you guidance on how to take care of your health. Many teenage have questions about their changing bodies and our obstetrics and gynaecology doctor is here to answer all your questions. We will thoroughly review the symptoms, perform the required diagnostic test, prescribe a treatment and give you the medication required. We offer:

  • Sexual Health Counseling
  • Special offers on consultation and diagnostics
  • Gynaecological Advice and Treatment