Weight Loss Clinic

 Our clinic helps women in losing weight gradually at any stage of life. Many women do the mistake of skipping food for losing their weight which actually has a bad impact on their health. We always advise women to follow a diet chart and do a few exercises to lose weight gradually.

Secondly, weight is an important issue for women during and after pregnancy. Especially, the Women who are already overweight may turn into a weight dilemma. As obesity, while pregnancy may lead to:

  • Premature birth
  • Cesarean delivery
  • High blood pressure in mother
  • Gestational diabetes in mother
  • Defects in the baby’s heart

So, to avoid any complication during pregnancy or delivery the proper weight of a woman should be maintained every month. Our specialist will provide you various diet charts and exercises that will help you in not putting too much weight during pregnancy without affecting the health of your baby.

Some women also face the problem of gaining a lot of weight after the delivery of a child. But losing weight drastically shouldn’t be one’s choice as your child depends on you for his food and moreover, your body also takes time to reshape itself. So, avoid such a problem our specialist will guide you for doing some exercises and yoga asana’ that will help you in not getting overweight without affecting your child’s health.