Wellness Clinic

We strongly believe that healthcare and treatments always come first and should be designed around what a woman deserves, not as per the doctor’s convenience. Our experienced doctors look after every aspect of women’s mental and physical health and always give their best treatment. Moreover, we provide a wide range of services and expertise for women like routine screening, menopause treatment, counseling, midwifery and many more.

  • Mental Wellbeing

We know that pregnancy is a crucial stage of every woman’s life and at this stage, it is very important for a woman to be mentally fit. We provide various counseling and physiotherapy to make women mentally fit during pregnancy.

 Abortion is the worst phase of a woman’s life. She needs to be strong if she is going through this phase. For a healthy life, the mind should be calm and we give our best counselors to women for help to tackle the situation.

  • Pediatrics

Mothers always want best for their babies and we have the best pediatricians of Agra who will take care of your little ones from the infant stage all the way through adolescence. Babies’ growth is necessary for their initial stage. At the time of maternity, the mother needs a proper diet suggested by the pediatricians. Because after delivery, the baby is depending on the mother feed. Our professional pediatricians will help to let you know about the right diet to be followed.

  • Midwifery

Our clinic takes proper care of pregnant women, newly born infants throughout the pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period. In addition to that, we provide treatment for sexual and reproductive health issues related to women. We detect all the abnormal conditions and provide you the medical assistance and emergency measures.